New Notebooks

Eco notebooks by Garbags can be used for work and study, just try. Each notebook has a special pocket with a zipper to keep all pens or card there.

We have the notebooks in 2 sizes (A4 and A5) with colourful covers. You can choose one from our Lisbon collections or a colourful one with a light aroma of coffee.

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Lots of people are looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly. Are you one of them? Our partnership program is for you!

You can become our donator today. Visit one of the Garbags shops in Lisbon or make it by post. For all participators we have special offers: after 5 donations you get 15% discount, after 10 donations – FREE GIFT.

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Garbags must-have at a special price!

Do not miss an opportunity to get your Garbags must-have at a special price!

Practical document holders for him and her in various sizes and colours. They are waterproof and have a sufficient number of compartments to keep all money, bills and cards organised.

Stylish iPad cases is a serious protection for your gadget and an original addition to your image for every day. Buy one and save up to 0,76 Kg of CO2 emission.

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Lisbon Convida is one of the most popular travel guides in the city. And they are also our eco-partner. In cooperation with the company, we have an opportunity to make different colourful items to bring more fun into your daily life. Items such as notebooks or document holders with colourful pictured of the city but also for the local people.

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Discounts on espresso bags and mobile cases

Discounts on espresso bags and mobile cases at Garbags, do not miss this opportunity! Only one week!

Our colourful espresso bag is an example of the best combination of practicality and style. Buy one now and save up to 20 EUR!

Waterproof and strong mobile cases with a special sponge that keeps any major danger! During this week you can buy one of them for 15 EUR.

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Garbags for men

Top3 the most interesting items by Garbags for men:

1. Eco belts
Our strong belts are perfect for every day and for a full dress. We have different colours but all of them will hold your pants from falling down.

2. Document holders
Small document holders made out of waterproof used material within the size of your back pocket. Each item has 1 pocket for money, 1 compartment for bills and 5 for all credit cards.

3. Colorful key rings
A thing for daily use. Each key ring made out of strong used material will keep all your keys together. Buy one and you will save up to 0,19 Kg of CO2 emission.

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New pencil cases

Pencil cases by Garbags are the most popular items among our clients from all over the world. And we know why:

1. These beautiful things can make our world cleaner because each of them is made out of used material.
2. They are original and you will not find anything similar at other shops.
3. They are pencil cases but you can use it not only to keep pens. You can keep your make-up, notes and candies there as well.

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Flapme XL bag!

Flapme XL bag!
1 bag - More Upcycling!