Notebooks A6 for only 15 EUR

Special offer for all creative personalities – colorful and original notebooks A6 for only 15 EUR.

You can buy more not only for yourself but also for your children, friends or colleagues. Buy 3 notebooks A7 pay 25 EUR. Only this week using a special code: morenotebooks!

All notebooks are handmade in beautiful Lisbon and “green”!

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Free gifts and special discounts for our donators!

Come and donate your used packages at our shops in Lisbon or do it by post today. With your first donation you get our donation card. After 5 donations you get 15%, after 10 donations – a free exclusive gift!

Bring us original and different local packages and let’s make our green future happen! Learn more...

New sale week at Garbags!

Originally from Garbags – unique models are made out of unusual materials at special prices. Only one week!

Espresso bag for girls who don’t like to stay in the background! Buy one today and save up to 20 EUR and 1,71 Kg of CO2 emission.

Funny and practical coin purses and pencil cases out of shampoo and tooth paste tubes for only 15 EUR!

It’s time to try something new! Visit our sale!

Choose your extra flap online

Garbags has its own innovative changeable flap system. It means you can change a flap of your backpack or bag wherever you need and want.

All extra flaps are in 3 sizes: XS, M, L. They are perfect for all Garbags bags. Each extra flap is made out of coffee packages, publicity banners or inner tubes. Buying one you will save up to 0,76 Kg of CO2 emission.

Have a look at our collection!

Document holders by Garbags for all!

Document holders by Garbags will help you to keep the most important things well organized.

Gardocs4him is an everyday complete document holder for men within the size of a back pocket. It has 7 pockets for all you need at hand: money, bills, cards.

Gardocs4her is a stylish document holder for women. Each gardoc has 9 pockets for you bills, money and cards. All document holders are designed by an environmental engineer who happens to very creative.

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Have a look at our collection of bike bags!

Do you have a bike? Have a look at our collection of bike bags!

We have small and big bags in various colors. Small bike bags made out of pet food packages are for children. Big bike bags made out of shiny used coffee packages are ideal for active girls and big bike bags made out of inner tubes are perfect for practical men.

All Garbags bike bags are with changeable flaps. Use extraflaps to be different every day! Choose a new bike bag today!

Become our eco-partner today!

Do you like to get an additional market advantage for your business? It will be unique! Just become our eco-partner.

Donate your waste packages to Garbags, saving money on the cost of waste disposal, and proudly show your clients new products out of them.

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Flapme XL bag!

Flapme XL bag!
1 bag - More Upcycling!