Have you already visited our gallery with photos of our customers with their favourite Garbags products? You can do it right now! You will find there real people, our loyal and inspire eco customers from all Europe, using our items wherever they are.

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Think Global, act local, Go Garbags!

Today eco pencil cases are only for 15 EUR. Do not waste an opportunity to buy our must-have for you and all your friends. Garbags pencil cases are perfect for gifts!

Each pencil case is hand-made out of used packages. You can choose different prints and sizes online and keep there everything what you even could imagine: pens, notes, credit cards and money, make-up or candies!

Buy one and make our Earth cleaner! Go green, Go Garbags!

Eco wallets for kids and adults by Garbags online. Have you ever seen anything similar? Our wallets are hand-made out of tetra pak. These small but strong wallets are made to fit into your back pocket.

Each has some compartments for your coins and credit card. Buy one for only 8 EUR and save up to 0,19 Kg of CO2 Emission!

Our most practical bag model that fits all. Buy the bag and be different every day using changeable flaps! Only this month you have an opportunity to buy it and save 20 EUR!

Each bag is hand-made in beautiful Lisbon, each is 100% upcycled and holds at least 2 Kg. Original and stylish decision when you need to carry your life with you!

Buy one now and save up to 3,42 Kg of CO2 Emission.

Garbags collections of funny and original accessories for you and your friends:

  • Sunglasses cases – a must-have accessory to accompany and save your sunglasses! Our cases are hand-made and 100% upcycled. Each model is unique! Buy one and save up to 0,38 Kg of CO2 Emission. 
  • Strong and bright belts for him and for her out of coffee packages and used publicity banners – original models in which everything is thought out! Buy one belt and save up to 0,57 Kg of CO2 Emission. 
  • Key rings out of pet food packages are original eco holders for your keys. Buy one now for only 8 EUR and save up to 0,19 Kg of CO2 Emission. 
Have a look at all our eco accessories here!

We offer you our best - buy Garbags products for special prices today!

Choose one of our bags out of coffee packages or publicity banners: caramelly bags for sportive people, flapmebags XS for walkers and bike panniers or handlebar bags for real bikers.

Pencil cases with a coffee aroma to keep pens or make-up and cards there!

Stylish improved notebooks with a zipper pocket to keep all your original ideas and sketches.

Visit our SALE now and save up to 30 EUR!

Our goal is to inspire people and companies to think about the waste they create every day and to see it in a different light. Lots of people are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and to live more sustainably. Are you on of them? Let’s be friends!

Garbags has a special People2People Program not only for businesses but for every eco person. Make your donations and get discounts or FREE gifts!


Flapme XL bag!

Flapme XL bag!
1 bag - More Upcycling!